‘We’re Ready’: Maury County Talent Attraction Campaign

Commissioned in response to the needs of both new and existing employers in Maury County, Tenn., a new talent attraction campaign tells how and why Maury County is positioned to welcome, hire and support new residents.

The campaign, created by the Maury County Chamber of Commerce & Economic Alliance, also focuses on how the area is sparking innovation, growing small businesses and offering unique cultural, recreational and educational opportunities.

“Maury County is the ideal place to move, find a successful career and have a great quality of life,” said Maury Alliance President Wil Evans. “We’re eager to promote Maury County—the job opportunities that are here, the ability to grow, the high quality of life—to people who may be looking to move.”

As one of the state’s fastest-growing counties, Maury County, Tenn., has already seen an influx of new people along with billions of dollars in economic investment. The campaign’s theme, “We’re Ready,” showcases this momentum and how the county has prepared for growth.

“’We’re Ready’ is the ideal way to describe Maury County and the momentum that’s been building here,” Evans said. “We’re truly ready as a community to grow and welcome new residents from all over the world.”

The campaign is aimed at new talent but built around people who have made Maury County what it is—ranging from educators and artists to entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

“Maury County is desirable because of the people who already call it home,” Evans said. “This campaign recognizes how we’ve become the ideal place to work and live while also eying the future.”

The campaign—which is one piece of ALIGN Maury, Maury Alliance’s larger workforce development initiative—also showcases amenities and the quality-of-life perks county residents enjoy.

“We have a top-rated healthcare system, great schools and a vibrant business community,” said Russ Adcox, 2022 chair of the Alliance’s ALIGN Maury steering committee. “We also have some of the greatest natural resources around and, most importantly, a strong sense of community. It’s easy to be known and get involved.”

After reviewing the results of a workforce alignment study conducted in 2020 by Boyette Strategic Advisors, the steering committee singled out the talent attraction campaign as one of the top priorities.

“Workforce development has always been a focus of the Maury Alliance, but we realized we also needed to attract new talent to Maury County,” Adcox said. “Our employers are hiring and they are looking for people willing to relocate to our community.”

Maury Alliance Vice President of Economic Development Travis Groth, said the county and its communities—including Columbia, Mount Pleasant and Spring Hill—offer a mix of city and country life.

“I relocated here myself and have lived in a lot of different places. This is a goldilocks community,” he said. “It’s close to Nashville, so you have the amenities and can get to the airport, but just far enough that you have a more relaxed pace. You can breathe. People are kind, friendly. It’s a real community.”

The campaign’s primary audience is workers who can help service the county’s growing advanced manufacturing and healthcare industries.

CNC machine operators, industrial maintenance technicians, welders and nurses, Groth said, are in particularly high demand, as are K-12 teachers, engineers and leaders at all levels—from team leaders at manufacturing plants to bank branch managers.

“One of the most exciting things for this campaign is that there are so many types of talent that can move to Maury County and be successful,” he said. “If one member of the family finds a job, they can be confident their spouse can find opportunities—diverse opportunities—too.”

Groth said he also expects the county’s already thriving community of local restaurants, event venues, retail shops and other businesses to grow alongside industry, as well as engineering companies, law firms, banks and other professional service organizations.

The campaign will feature storytelling about Maury County and its people on a variety of platforms as well as targeted advertising, outreach efforts and a dedicated campaign website: https://www.mauryisready.com

“We hope this campaign will spread the word about Maury County and encourage more people to consider making this community their home,” Adcox said. “We’ve seen a lot of economic wins and a lot of new businesses, so we’re eager to do what we can to support that growth.”

About Maury County Chamber & Economic Alliance 

Serving the cities of Columbia, Mount Pleasant and Spring Hill as the leading voice for business and industry in the community, Maury Alliance provides programs, networking opportunities, advocacy, and support for business professionals. Maury Alliance is focused on growing business and economic opportunities in Maury County by providing expertise, resources, support, and vision for new and existing businesses. For more information, visit mauryalliance.com.