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TN was the #1 most moved to state in 2020
Then Nashville region gains an average of 81 new residents each day
Maury County has experienced a 19% growth over the past 10 years

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Maury County Labor Market Area

Large Labor Force

830,000+ People

High Education Attainment

44% Associate Degree or Higher

Active Talent Pool

80.96% Prime Age Labor Participation Rate

Align Maury

Building Tomorrow's Talent Today
We partnered with Boyette in 2020 to launch a workforce alignment study for Maury County, Tennessee. This study, a n employer-centered workforce development and talent pipeline enhancement initiative, characterized Maury County's workforce assets and labor market competitiveness. We have now moved into the implementation phase.
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Training and Education

Maury County is home to the nation's first K-12 STEAM campus. We also have a vibrant community wide Mechatronics program. Through the Mechatronics program, which is a collaboration between Columbia State and Maury County Public Schools, students have the opportunity to earn their high school diploma, a technical certificate and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Engineering Systems Technology at the same time.

With unique, hybrid educational and training facilities, Maury County provides individual and businesses instructional support for a skilled workforce.

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TCATS & Community Colleges

Training and Education Resources

Building Tomorrow's Talent Today.
Our geographical advantages and talent pool are compelling reasons to grow your business in Maury County