a personal development program designed to motivate participants to develop and enhance the quality of their leadership in addressing pertinent community needs

Leadership Maury.

  • To identify potential and existing leaders in business, government and the community, and to help them prepare for volunteer responsibility in the community.
  • To provide these leaders with a practical and sophisticated understanding of major problems and opportunities facing Maury County.
  • To facilitate access between emerging leaders and the current leadership of the community.
  • To improve the communications network among leaders with disparate backgrounds and interests.
  • To create a setting for persons of demonstrated commitment to the community to meet and exchange ideas.
  • To stimulate increased participation and commitment in the community.

Class Members Must:

  • Reside in Maury County or within the town limits of Spring Hill; or
  • Work in Maury County; or
  • Make significant contribution to Maury County through volunteer work.

Persons will be favored for selection who:

  • Have demonstrated a desire to serve the community through past civic involvement
  • Are willing to seek leadership roles on public/private boards, in volunteer organizations, or in public office.
  • Are motivated to improve their skills.
  • Have potential for advancement to leadership roles in their own organizations, or are already in such positions.
  • Have an occupation such that they are not likely to be relocating from the county in the immediate future.
  • Will commit to participate fully through attendance; and as members, continue for at least one year to be involved in the program as a resource person.
Leadership Maury actively solicits applicants from all sectors of the community. A maximum of 33 persons will have the opportunity to participate each year. Participants are selected on their own merits through an application process conducted by the program’s Selection Committee with final approval by the Board of Trustees.