state of the year, TN

Tennessee Wins State of the Year Award

Business Facilities announced the 2021 States of the Year awards – Tennessee won Best Dealmaker!

Virginia was named the state with the Overall Best Business Climate and Massachusetts was named the state with the Best Workforce/Educational System. The winners will be highlighted in the January/February issue of Business Facilities.

This isn’t a surprise for us considering Tennessee is comprised of 95 hard-working counties with wonderful businesses and rich history. Tennessee is now home to more than 860 global companies operating plants, offices, and other facilities. We are especially proud of Maury County. This year Maury County reached the top spot for Incoming Investment and Growth Rate.

“We want to thank our community and Economic Development partners that work very hard alongside us to make the announcements happen. Without these partnerships, we would not be nearly as successful as a community.” – Wil Evans, President of Maury Alliance