Project-based Learning Provides Opportunities for Maury County High School Student

A senior at Mount Pleasant High School, John Robert Daniels has a bright future ahead as he looks to pursue a career in engineering.

“Without project-based learning I would have never discovered my passion for engineering, and would probably still be deciding my major and stressing over finding a rewarding career,” said Daniels.

Project-based learning (PBL) is another innovative approach Maury County Public Schools utilizes to make positive strides in education. PBL is defined as a student-centered teaching method that involves a dynamic classroom approach where students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.

This transition from traditional lecture style teaching to this more experiential approach is backed by studies praising its effectiveness.

Maury County students like Daniels are proof it’s working.

“The project-based learning model takes everything that we learn in the classroom and pairs it with real-world context,” said Daniels. “The projects encourage students to use problem-solving and critical thinking skills and take creative risks. By doing these things, PBL develops leaders with inquisitive minds that can tackle any problem, no matter the difficulty, and have the confidence to undertake that task. PBL seeks to give every student an individualized education that best prepares them for the future.”

Through project-based learning, students explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) fields through hands-on, collaborative projects using real-world situations. It helps prepare students for a 21st century workforce by providing them with 21st century skills.

Part of the Grow Maury education initiative, project-based learning is an important theme explored this quarter. In an effort to raise awareness for this innovative teaching method pursued by Maury County Public Schools, we have a series of opinion editorials, news releases and social media graphics and posts that we will be distributing.

Learn more about project-based learning, and John Robert Daniels’ personal experience, in our latest graphic that will be posted on social media. We ask that you share it and help raise awareness for project-based learning. As we make this innovative transition in Maury County Public Schools, we ask for support from the community. Project-based learning will help boost student success, and with it, create a stronger, more highly-skilled workforce.