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FCC Broadband Map Up for Review

Now is the time residents can challenge the accuracy of the FCC National Broadband Map

The FFC National Broadband Map displays where internet services are and are not available across the country, as reported by internet service providers. The map allows consumers and other stakeholders to easily dispute, or challenge, information shown on the map that they believe is inaccurate. The TN Department of Economic & Community Development is asking Tennesseans to review the maps for accuracy and complete any challenges by January 13, 2023.

How to Find Your Address and Challenge a Missing Address:

  1. Visit https://broadbandmap.fcc.gov/home.
  2. Type your address into the search bar.
  3. On the right side of the screen, a panel will appear showing what the FCC has for your location and service information.
  4. If your address is not on the map, select the area in which your address should be, click “challenge location,” and follow the prompts to submit a location challenge. You will receive a confirmation email once your challenge has been received by the FCC.

How to Submit an Availability Challenge to the FCC:

  1. Once you’ve found your address on the map, view the service information on the right side panel.
  2. If the information is incorrect, select “availability challenge.”
  3. You can then select the providers you would like to challenge.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the challenge.