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Support Needed for Broadband Access in Rural Maury County

Maury County is seeking letters of support to secure a Broadband Access Grant for rural Maury County.  

Maury County is currently the fastest growing county in the State of Tennessee and today, over 7,000 residents have no access to the Internet through Broadband. Internet is vital for education, tele-health, economic development as well as public safety.  

By sending a letter of support, you can help Maury County secure a Grant that will allow providers the opportunity to install the proper equipment to offer Internet to the 7,000+ underserved residents that do not have access to Broadband.   

To make supporting this Grant as easy as possible, a letter template has been provided for your use.  


Email your letter of support to one of the following:   

The deadline for submission is March 4, 2022. 


An example letter is below: 

Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development 
12 Rosa L. Parks Ave. 
Nashville, TN 37243 

Re: Maury County Support for Broadband Grant Application 

To Whom it May Concern: 
I write to demonstrate my unwavering support of any broadband provider’s efforts to build broadband infrastructure throughout the rural areas of Maury County, Tennessee. Broadband is necessary to conduct basic day-to-day activities and manage general responsibilities. Broadband is now a fundamental resource that provides the public with numerous opportunities, including the following at a minimum: 

  • The opportunity to improve Maury County students’ scores by supplementing education through internet-based education resources to do homework and school projects.  
  • The opportunity to further education, including adult learning, college prep testing, participating in learning support groups, etc. 
  • The opportunity to obtain a rapid diagnosis and/or save healthcare expenses through telehealth options online. 
  • The opportunity for home-based employment. Working from home is commonplace, especially since the pandemic. Hotspots or satellite internet (if available) do not provide the bandwidth to support VPN, video meetings, etc. The expense of subpar internet services such as hotspots and satellite are increasing. Additionally, data is capped and surcharged.  
  • The opportunity for home-based businesses to succeed through advertising, conducting general business activities and bookkeeping. 
  • The opportunity to increase economic development and real estate. More buyers require properties with broadband. Properties without broadband are challenging to sell, unlike those with broadband service. 
  • The opportunity for increased safety. Many homes and businesses have security systems/cameras that internet speeds in the area (if available) do not support. Broadband allows these security systems to work as designed.  
  • The opportunity for the rural areas to receive public safety alerts in times of emergency and the opportunity to improve economic growth.  

I respectfully urge your strong consideration of awarding the total grant requested to enable providers to build the needed infrastructure to provide broadband to the unserved residents in Maury County.