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WIRED // 2021 Mastermind Group

The Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce and Maury County Chamber & Economic Alliance are excited to announce the launch of WIRED a Mastermind group for local Entrepreneurs and CEOs.

The WIRED Mastermind Group will be limited to 10 local Entrepreneurs and CEOs who are selected through an application process. The purpose of this exclusive group is to foster growth and development through the sharing of experiences, lessons-learned, and game-changing moments. This environment will allow each participant to showcase their expertise while also developing additional skill sets showcased by the other participants.

If you are struggling with connecting with like-minded individuals locally and are looking for growth opportunities by learning in a peer-to-peer environment and contributing to the growth of other businesses, then this is an opportunity you will want to take advantage of!

Program Details

The WIRED Mastermind Group will meet once a month for 12 consecutive months. The meetings will take place in the morning and last around 2 hours. Each participant will take turns hosting and presenting. If selected, there is a $1,000 participation fee.

Participants in the WIRED Mastermind Group will need to commit to the following:

  • A $1,000 annual investment
  • Attending monthly, two-hour meetings
  • Delivering a presentation in your area of expertise
  • Hosting the group
  • Providing valuable feedback
  • Sharing personal business experiences and practices
  • Having a willingness to learn
  • Signing an NDA – we want this to be a safe space for sharing ideas!
WIRED Pitch Competition

The $1,000 investment collected from each participant will be used to create a pool of money that, as determined by the group, will be invested in future ideas. Local start up entrepreneurs will pitch their idea in front of the group and the group will determine the amount invested and which ideas warrant investing. The group will then serve as mentors to the chosen entrepreneur(s).

Interested, but still have questions? // CLICK HERE to send us an email!