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Project-based Learning Impacts Students of All Ages; Maury County Sixth Grader Shares Experience

In Grow Maury by ChAmBaDm

Spring Hill Middle School sixth grader Jack Hutchings dreams of owning a movie company and making films one day—and he finds that Maury County Public Schools’ shift from traditional instruction to project-based learning will help him achieve this dream. “Project-based learning teaches things like technology, how to work with other kids in my class and how to solve problems that …

Mount Pleasant Unveils Nation’s First K-12 STEAM Campus

In Grow Maury by ChAmBaDm

The small town of Mount Pleasant, Tennessee is embarking on a first-in-the-nation program aimed at transforming education in the community and beyond. Dr. Ryan Jackson, executive lead principal of the Mt. Pleasant Arts Innovation Zone, announced Wednesday the formation of the country’s first K-12 STEAM campus, a collaborative effort involving the town’s three schools and a group of local and …