Strong school systems linked to higher property values

As the president of the Maury Alliance and a homeowner myself, I know a number of factors come into play when choosing to buy or build a home. For families relocating, schools often top the list as a primary determining factor. The quality of the public school system has an impact on the entire community, including a large impact on the property values of homes within the school district.

In cities across the United States, homes in higher-quality school districts are likely to be worth at least 10 percent more than a similar house in a less reputable school district.

According to the National Association of Realtors, around 30 percent of home buyers listed school quality as the single most important deciding factor in their home purchase.

Organizations like the National Education Administration (NEA) have taken similar information from a national standpoint and concluded that the quality of nearby school systems can cause a significant increase in real estate value.

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