Q & A: Maury County Director of Schools Chris Marczak

Chris Marczak is mid-stride in his first week as Maury County director of schools, and The Daily Herald sat down with him to discuss the position and taking over a new district.

He officially signed a four-year contract on Aug. 13, and began his first day the following Friday — which proved to be an eventful day. An automated threat was made to Woodard Elementary in Columbia, prompting the school’s evacuation. Police determined no threat existed, and students returned to the school for lunch.

Question: Coming from the Oak Ridge School District with 4,500 students and nine schools and moving to Maury County schools with about 12,000 students and 22 schools, how do you plan on adjusting to the larger system?

Answer: With more students and with more schools, it just becomes more responsibility and more delegation of time. It’s really looking at our organizational chart and looking at who’s here, and looking at the jobs they are doing and maximizing the jobs that they have. I’m excited because my mission is to reach more kids. I loved Oak Ridge. It is a great school system, and I was able to reach 4,500 kids, but here in Maury County, I am able to reach 12,000. I am able to have a better reach and better perspective and offer more opportunities to more kids. – See more at: 


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