Maury County’s Grass is Greener, Even in the Summertime

The #GrowMaury Initiative’s slogan is “The grass is greener where you water it.” There’s tons of watering taking place in Maury County, even in these hot summer months!

  • At Central High School, 81 students earned college credit by making a score of 3 or above on Advanced Placement tests this year, and one student earned a 36 on a category of the ACT!
  • Four Hampshire students participated in the TN Department of Education Student Advisory Council at Richland High School. They are Liam Kelley, Coble Brooks, Alexa Cathey and Georgia Claire Varble.
  • Young students from multiple Maury County schools participated in Camp Invention, an engaging, informal way for students to learn STEM concepts.
  • Spring Hill Middle art teacher Whitney Duncan participated in the Tennessee Arts Academy from July 10-15, at Belmont. Artists from across the nation taught a range of classes in theatre, visual arts, and music.

For more information on the great things happening in Maury County Public Schools, check out this article in the Columbia Daily Herald.