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Maury County Magazine 2020-2021

Opportunities Abound for All

Written by Brittany Anas – Photo by Ross Jaynes

People are thriving in this community bursting with opportunities for everyone

Maury County’s population is growing rapidly, as people of all ages and professions are flocking to this thriving community about 30 minutes from Nashville. The county is a draw for those looking to advance their careers, find affordable housing, enjoy its high quality of life — or all of the above. Whether it’s artists, startups or retirees, newcomers are embracing all that Maury County has to offer.

Kathryn York found the perfect spot to open her home goods and gift store, Smith & York Co., in an 1800s-era building located on the town square in Columbia, which exudes a palpable Main Street America feel. Step foot in the well-curated shop that she and her husband opened in May 2019, and you might just find their four-year-old son, Liam, “helping out” at the register. Shortly after opening the store, York and her family moved to Maury County.

“We wanted to be part of the community and be closer to the shop,” she says. “We get locals who thank us for choosing to be in downtown Columbia. It truly is humbling to have people who have lived here all their lives come in and say they are proud to have our store in their town.”

For others planning to launch a new business, Maury County offers a variety of resources, such as the Columbia Culinary Arts Center, a new industrial kitchen facility that helps small-to-midsize food businesses meet their prep work and large-quantity cooking needs. Coworking spaces are available at sites such as Cowork Columbia or Muletown Collective in the Columbia Arts Building.

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