Columbia State EST Program Signs Articulation Agreement with TCAT Pulaski

by Columbia State Community College

Columbia State Community College’s engineering systems technology program recently signed an articulation/transfer agreement with the Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Pulaski to help students continue their education toward an Associate of Applied Science degree.

“We wanted to have an articulation where the students from TCAT Pulaski are able to go through certain courses that they are already taking and see that some of those courses actually work closely with what Columbia State has,” said Mehran Mostajir, Columbia State program director of engineering systems technology. “The students can start at the TCAT, spend a year, then come to us and get a two-year degree.”

The agreement, signed by Columbia State President Janet F. Smith, Ph.D. and TCAT Pulaski President Mike Whitehead, has the purpose of facilitating the transfer of TCAT Pulaski students to Columbia State after they receive diplomas from the industrial maintenance technology and advanced manufacturing programs. Students that complete these TCAT Pulaski programs will then be eligible for articulated course credits at Columbia State.

“It’s a great opportunity to eliminate some barriers and encourage students to continue their education,” said Whitehead. “A lot of our students start in high school through dual enrollment. We didn’t want that to be a terminal point. With this, it gives them the opportunity to already have potential credits at Columbia State to continue their education. We looked at it as an opportunity to create a pathway that didn’t have an end and provided opportunities to continue.”

“It’s always exciting that we can promote ongoing student success opportunities,” said Smith. “I think this is laying the foundation for how we can operate and work together to jointly look at our programs and maximize what we do for students. Moving forward with this gives us a good first step in the partnership we’re building with TCAT Pulaski.”

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