Cherry Glen site to begin construction

Cherry Glen Industrial Park will have a speculative building by the end of the year, Bobby Harris of the Maury County Industrial Board said.

A speculative building is constructed in order to attract industry to the area by having a site ready for potential industry to move in.

Harris told the Maury County Commission on Monday the board has developed a site plan for the building.

“We set it up so that it can be expandable to about 170,000 square feet, if we needed to, so we’re really excited about that design,” he said.

The board will begin taking bids May 15, collect bids by May 30 and plan to finish construction by Sept. 30, Harris said.

An interested party has already visited the site, Harris said, and the board hopes to have a tenant before the building is finished.

“So the rumor of a building is working. We’re thinking of creating other rumors about things we might build,” he said, joking. Click here to read more.


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