Census: Maury 4th in state for growth

From The Columbia Daily Herald – Tim Hodge

Maury County’s population is the fourth fastest growing among Tennessee’s 95 counties, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released last week.

The information was collected from July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2013.

Maury County showed a 2.1 percent population increase — or 1,702 residents — from 82,059 to 83,761, according to the data.

Williamson County showed the largest population growth at 3.1 percent, jumping from 192,997 residents to 198,901. Rutherford County experienced a 2.5 percent growth, followed by Wilson County at 2.4 percent. Sumner County rounded out the top five, showing a 1.8 percent population increase.

Maury County Mayor Jim Bailey said he had not seen the newest data, but was told about the population growth by a Daily Herald reporter.

“I really am somewhat surprised that we would be quite that high,” Bailey said. “I am really elated that we are that high. Things are definitely on the rise for us.”

Maury County is also showing growth in single-family home permits compared to this time last year, Bailey said.

Maury County Buildweb1_County-data-growth-TH-processed_0ing and Zoning Director Mark Tosh said his office has issued 14 single-family home permits for the county in March 2014, compared to three during the same month last year. He said his department has been busy with activity during the last several days.

The county building and zoning department has issued about 60 permits this year, Tosh said. He did not have the numbers from last year immediately available.

“I think the 60 is probably a little bit ahead of this time last year,” Tosh said. ” But, we are getting more permits so far this year, I think in general, this year will be a good year for us as a department in issuing permits.”