Award-winning Grow Maury Initiative Enters Year Two

As the award-winning Grow Maury Initiative enters year two, the Maury County Chamber and Economic Alliance is teaming up with Maury County Public Schools and Mary Beth West Communications to deepen the community’s commitment to education.

During the fall semester, the initiative is focusing on two primary themes.

In the third quarter, #GrowMaury will emphasize parental and business community involvement. Parent-targeted messaging encouraging involvement with their child’s education will help pave the way for students to feel more supported and encouraged at home – which is critical to success at school. Continued outreach to Maury County’s business community will open the door to internships, mentorship and professional development opportunities for students.

In the fourth quarter, #GrowMaury will focus on Tennessee Promise enrollment and tnAchieves mentorship. These two programs have transformative potential for students, and the initiative will inform them of key deadlines and opportunities related to the state’s revolutionary program, which offers free community college tuition to qualified applicants. The tnAchieves program pairs community members with students to prepare them for their college careers and keep them abreast of Tennessee Promise requirements. Particular emphasis will be placed on signing up volunteer mentors.

There will be several elements of the initiative this fall. To learn what they will be, click here!  #GrowMaury sunglasses are in the hands of teachers and education leaders in the community. They symbolize the bright future awaiting Maury County’s schools and students.

A special panel forum in October will gather students, parents and community members to learn more about unlocking the keys to success by taking advantage of important opportunities, such as Tennessee Promise. State and local business and education leaders will speak about Tennessee’s invaluable education opportunities and outline ways the community can support students in pursuit of a better future.

News articles and editorials throughout the semester will highlight outstanding student scholastic and extracurricular achievement.

An intensive social media campaign will spotlight standout students and educators, as well as the businesses that are getting involved in the initiative. Interested parties can visit the Maury Alliance and Maury County Public Schools Facebook pages and Twitter feeds throughout the semester to keep up-to-date on exciting educational news.